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'Does the grape fruit diet work' is a question that confuses many people. In the contemporary times, low fat grapefruit diet is gaining momentum, owing to its health benefits. The best part about grapefruit diet is that, it is high in fiber content and also it contains loads of water that gives a feeling of fullness. Grapefruit acts as a rich source for intake of vitamin C. Since it is low in calories, it is ideal for weight loss.

As there are pros and cons of everything, same holds true for grapefruit diet too. It can be said that, there arises a need to combine grapefruit with other foods, so as to ensure that the body gets all the essential nutrients and this can be attributed to the fact that grapefruit does not serve as a complete reservoir of nutrients.

Here is presented a 3 week long grapefruit meal diet plan that contains about 800 calories per day:

  Breakfast: half a grapefruit and a cup of black coffee
  Lunch: half a grapefruit along with an egg, cucumber, a bread slice and plain tea or coffee
  Dinner: two eggs, half a head of lettuce, a tomato, grapefruit and tea or coffee.

Food Combining Diet Plan Edit

Food combining is yet another concept that is gaining popularity among people. Food combining diet plan is a three week long weight reducing diet plan that gives you the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of foods during the latter days of the plan. Read further to explore information about food combining for weight loss.

Here are presented the food guidelines, as per the food combining diet plan:

  Day 1 - day 10: only fruits
  Day 11 - day 19: Half a pound of bread, two tablespoons of butter and three ears of corn
  Day 19 - day 21: a complete protein such as steak or lobster is included

This diet plan lacks in providing the vital nutrients that the body requires. Also it is likely to promote the breakdown of muscles, so make a conscious decision.

Sugar Busters Diet Edit

Sugar busters diet basically requires you to keep a check on the intake of foods high in refined sugars like potatoes, corn, white rice, white bread, beets and many more. Sugar busters diet plan specifies that your daily calorie intake should not exceed 1200.

Cutting on sugar content doesn't mean that you are prohibited from eating sugary foods. Well, foods containing moderate amounts of fructose and lactose can be taken, but there is a need to say goodbye to refined foods. Read further to explore information about low sugar diet for weight loss.

The ultimate aim of this weight loss diet plan is to reduce your dependence upon refined foods that stand in the way of achieving good health and rather head your way towards consuming complex carbohydrates, thereby leading to an increase in the intake of fiber content that works wonders for the human body

Cabbage Soup Diet Plan Edit

When the talk is about weight reducing diets, there are innumerable kinds of diet plans that commit fabulous results. Out of the many diet plans, there is cabbage soup diet plan that gives you flexibility to decide your meals. This plan requires you to follow the 7-day cabbage soup diet sincerely. Read further to explore information about the cabbage soup diet for weight loss.

The best part about the cabbage soup diet plan is that it gives you a complete freedom to eat as much as you like, along with your cabbage soup. But one negative thing about it is that, it doesn't provide adequate amounts of complex carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals, thus leading to body weakness and also your concentration ability tends to get decreased.

Here are presented the food guidelines, as per the cabbage soup diet plan:

  Day 1: any fruit except banana in any amount.
  Day 2: vegetables including a baked potato in any amount
  Day 3: fruits and vegetables except potato.
  Day 4: maximum of eight bananas along with skimmed milk.
  Day 5: six tomatoes along with a maximum of 20 ounces of beef, chicken or fish.
  Day 6: unlimited beef, chicken or fish
  Day 7: brown rice, vegetables and unsweetened fruit juice.

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