7 Ways to Save on Healthy Food


There's no need to cut the healthy options off your shopping list - many of the best foods for controlling blood sugar are economical choices.

Diabetes can take a toll on your budget because of doctor's visits, medication costs and other expenses. But don't let a tight budget lead to a poor diet. You don't need expensive diabetic or glucose-free foods to eat right when you have diabetes. The foundation foods of your meal plan - beans, rice, and whole-grain breads - are inexpensive. Fill your cupboards with other nutritious foods using these tips:

  • For snacks, try popcorn, pretzels, or cereal.
  • Fresh vegetables in season are a great buy. Otherwise, frozen vegetables are similar nutritionally. Canned vegetables have similar fibre and mineral content but have lost their vitamins.
  • Buy fruits in season for the best taste and bargain prices, and give the local farmer's market a try.
  • Buy or make plain yogurt and add your own fresh fruit.
  • Use powdered fat-free milk for cooking and baking - it's inexpensive and stays fresh for a long time if the box is refrigerated.
  • Make meat a side dish rather than the whole meal, or make meatless meals throughout the week.
  • Choose fats, sweets, and alcohol less often to benefit both your budget and your diabetes.

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