About Agrinion oliveEdit

Agrinion olives are found in Greece, but this popular small fruits are originally a native of Asia Minor, and the olive tree is one of the oldest known cultivated trees in the world. Agrinion olives are bigger than other type of olives, green, brine-cured with sour flavor and very soft flesh that is easily torn from pit. Brine-cured Agrinion olives have a moist-looking exterior and a soft, glossy skin. Agrinion olives are generally used as a condiment to spice sauces, tossed in salads or grain dishes, or served with sandwiches. Olives can be consumed whole, sliced, pitted, or stuffed with vegetables like carrots. Agrinion olives are very popular in Greek cuisine due to the fact that they have a soft-textured content and a delicately tasty meat. Due to the fact that they are very succulent agrinion olives are used in producing olive oil which is very popular all across the world, but it is as well used as a special ingredient in salads or pastas or you can consume them pickled in salty water.

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