About Aleppo olive Edit

Aleppo olive is a variety of olive produced mostly in Syria. This kind of olive can be both black and green. The olives got their name from the region in Syria where they their production is very popular, Aleppo. The dry climate and the fertile soil from Syria encourage Aleppo olives production. The black Aleppo olive is dry-cured and has a rather bitter taste, while the green olive is salt water cured and has a little salty flavor. Aleppo olives are used in a variety of ways, but the most important use of these olives is in the cosmetic industry. The oil extracted from Aleppo olives represents the base of the natural soap also produced in Syria. In this case olive oil is mixed with soda ash and the mixture is stirred until the oil wholly decomposes soft glycerin and the sodium salt of olive oil. The oil is recommended especially for dry skin and it is rich in vitamins of which the skin benefits. Aleppo olives are very often found in Syrian cuisine mostly used for their oil but they can also be eaten salted, pickled or brined added in a variety of dishes.

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