almond-Raisin Biscotti

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--- Melted And Cooled

  • 1 c Lightly Toasted And

-Coarsely Chopped almonds

Preheat The Oven to 325?f. butter a Baking Sheet or Line it WithParchment.

In a Large Bowl, Beat The egg Yolks With 3/4 Cup of The sugar Until LightAnd The sugar is Dissolved. Stir in The Melted butter, almonds, RaisinsAnd orange peel. in a Separate Bowl, Beat The egg Whites Until They Just BeginTo Form Peaks And Gradually Beat in The Remaining 3/4 Cup sugar Until TheWhites Form Stiff Peaks.

Sift The flour And baking powder Together. Fold in 1/3 of The flour IntoThe Yolks; Then Fold 1/3 of The egg Whites In. Repeat, Alternating, Until WellCombined. The Dough Will be Firm And Slightly Sticky. if The Dough is TooSoft, Add More flour. With Floured Hands, Divide The Dough Into Two LogsApproximately 1 1/2 Inches Wide. Arrange The Logs on The Prepared BakingSheet And Bake For 20 to 25 Minutes or Until They Are Lightly Brown AndFirm

To The Touch. Remove From The Oven And Set The Baking Sheet on a Rack For

  • 10 Minutes. on a Cutting Board, Cut The Logs on a Diagonal Into Slices 1/2Inch Wide. Return The Slices to The Baking Sheet And Bake For 5 to 7 Minutes OnEach Side or Until The Biscotti Are Very Lightly Browned And Crisp. CoolOn Racks And Store in Airtight Containers.

Yield: About 36 Biscotti.


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