Alphonso olive

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Olives are a simple method to add valiant flavors to vegetarian plates. The oil adds a savory feel to soups and spreads, while the fruits add meatiness to pasta and rice dishes. Clay red to purple in color, this variety of olive is a common and popular food item in Chile. Oval in shape Alphonso olive has a meaty texture that provides a somewhat fruity flavor. The red colored juices of the olive add to the overall distinctive appearance of this olive variety. This olive is selected and harvested as it matures into the normal blush red color it displays, earlier than becoming dark purplish-black in color. The Alphonso olive is an excellent choice for appetizers or to serve as a condiment with meals. Alphonso olive is a large light purple or purplish-brown olive native to Chile that contains soft, almost mushy meat. It is brine-cured in vinegar and has a rich olive flavor that may be slightly bitter or acidic in taste. It is mainly frequently used to season stews, soups, or other foods. Olive oil made from Chile's olives might get off as a major global export, even though Chileans are only taking to the oil's flavor gradually.

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