American eggplant

American eggplant

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The American eggplants are species of the eggplant which present a dark purple color, a pear-like form and a larger size. Still, there are some species of American eggplant which have a white color – these are also found in many parts of Asia. The white American eggplants are mostly egg-shaped and they present a thick and rough texture and skin. Due to the fact that the plant is, in fact, a fruit and not a vegetable, as many people consider it, the eggplant is included in the nightshade plants, among tomatoes and potatoes. Besides the culinary characteristics of the American eggplant, this plant also has medical benefits, as it prevents the forming of carcinogens and it neutralizes cancer-causing radicals.

Eggplants are a popular dish when stuffed with a variety of ingredients, sautéed, broiled, baked, grilled, or gently cooked in meat, rice, or cheese dishes and stews. Besides these, due to their nutritional and culinary properties (rich in taste, flavors and various preparation possibilities), the eggplant can substitute meat in many dishes, but also pastas and pastries.

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