Aniseed myrtle

Aniseed myrtle

Aniseed myrtle is used as a flavouring spice and herb tea ingredient.

Although previously known, it was first sold in the early 1990s as a bushfood spice, and in the mid 1990s cultivated in plantations to meet demand.

The essential oil of S.anisatum contains anethole and methyl chavicol, imparting aniseed and licorice flavours respectively.

'Aniseed myrtle' is the name originally coined to specifically describe high quality selections of the trans-anethole chemotype (90%+) - generally recognized as safe for flavouring. These selections are propagated from cutting for consistent essential oil quality. The aniseed myrtle selections are also low in methyl chavicol and cis-anethole (less than 0.1%).

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