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Name variations Edit

  • Trevalla

About Antartic Sea Bass Edit

The Antarctic sea bass plays an important part in the Southern Ocean ecosystem around Antarctica. It grows slowly and to more than two meters long. It can live as long as 50 years and does not breed until it is at least 10 years old. It lives in deep waters and is found on sea mounts and continental shelves around most sub-Antarctic islands. Antarctic sea bass is also names Dissostichus mawsoni and is a member of the family Serranidae. These bass are bluish-black fish as adults and brownish as juveniles and have scales with pale blue or white centers. Adult black sea bass are considered a temperate reef fish, and are most often found on rocky bottoms near pilings, wrecks and jetties. The Antarctic sea bass has antifreeze proteins in its tissues and blood because the seawater is below the normal freezing point of tissue. Antarctic sea bass eggs and larvae are pelagic and the larvae feed on zooplankton. Antarctic sea bass eat small fish and squid in midwinter and a range of fish, crabs, and prawns. The maximum size of Antarctic sea bass is 2.2 meters in length and about 120kg in weight. The greatest recorded age is about 45 years.

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