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simple recipe for mixing two famous herbs renowned for its wonderful taste and sedative properties. We chose the lemon verbena and lavender floral with a more "floral-tasting" flavor for a healthy, tasty drink. The result will amaze you.

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Directions Edit

  1. Boil the natural mineral water in the required degrees (100 °C) and then throw the leaves Louisa and lavender flowers.
  2. Let them earn their flavor for 4-5 minutes and, after strained and serve your favorite cup, add honey.
  3. Relax and enjoy.

A few more tips Edit

You can even make the drink a liter of it and put it in the fridge. So enjoy the relaxing drink cold even in your office during the day. Make ice cubes from the beverage you are preparing, not water, as this will keep the taste of your drink unchanged.

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