Apple green eggplant

Apple green eggplant

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Apple green eggplants (solanum melongena) are an eggplant specie that grows mostly in northern regions. The apple green eggplant is characterized by its specific color, which ranges from pale green to grass green and its round shape. This plant, which is basically a fruit, has a mild flavor and a very white flesh, which is moist and tender. The fruits are not wider than 5” and sometimes in a teardrop shape. The young fruits of the apple green eggplants are even tenderer and have a soft skin, which doesn’t require peeling. The mature fruits of this kind on eggplant are peeled fresh or fried, in order for the skin to come out easy.

Besides these qualities, due to their nutritional and culinary properties (rich in taste, flavors and various preparation possibilities), the eggplant can substitute meat in many dishes, but also pastas and pastries. Apple green eggplant is consumed roasted, boiled, steamed or stewed and it is the base for numerous popular vegetarian dishes, which belong to cultures from all over the world.

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