Name Variations Edit

  • raki
  • arack
  • arrack
  • arraki

About Arak Edit

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Arak or araq (Arabic: عرق IPA [ʕaraq]) is a clear, colourless, unsweetened aniseed-flavoured distilled alcoholic drink, produced in the eastern Mediterranean and Lebanon . The word comes from Arabic araq عرق, meaning "sweat" or "juice".

A name widely used in Asia and the Middle East for a fiery liquor made, depending on the country, from any of several ingredients including rice, sundry-palm sap and dates.

Arak is a strong, clear Middle Eastern liquor, similar to raki and ouzo, made from grape juice and flavored with anise. It is traditionally an aperitif, accompanied by mezza.

Arak Recipes Edit

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