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About Arame[]

Arame is a brown sea vegetable or, better said, it is a seaweed, which is consumed due to its healthy nutrients and properties. Arame is fat-free and very low in calories, but it contains minerals, vitamin A as a beta-carotene, protein, even more that regular aliments – the vitamin B12 is very rare in earthy vegetables. The Arame is used mostly in the Asian cuisine, mainly in countries like Japan, China, Korea, but also in Peru and Indonesia.

The most popular dishes that include this original aliment are the vegetable lasagna with arame, the mix salad with arame and pesto dressing, the Mediterranean style roasted vegetables and arame and arame with smoked tofu croutons and sweet corn. The mix salads with arame mainly contain lettuce, watercress, cucumber, radishes, carrots, orange rinds and dressings made of almonds, garlic, miso and virgin olive oil. The arame with smoked tofu croutons and sweet corn is prepared with cubed tofu, onions, corn-on-the-cob, soy sauce, apple syrup and spring onions. All of the arame meals are very fresh and have a marine flavor.

Arame Recipes[]