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About Arauco olive Edit

A great dark green oval formed olive from Spain that is brine-cured and flavored with rosemary. It is used as a snack or to complement other foods. This olive is a medium size olive grown in Spain that is pale green in color and oval in shape. The olive is brine-cured and has a firm textured meat with a slightly salty and acidic flavor. Often pitted, this olive is then stuffed with pimientos, jalapeños, garlic, onions and almonds. It is the olive most often used for cold-pressed olive oil. The Spanish olives are also the most common olives found on the supermarket shelves. When Arauco olives are first picked from the tree, they are inedible because of the glucoside in their flesh. Once the glucoside is leached from the flesh through a curing process, the olives become edible. When the Arauco olives are stored, they are placed in a brine or salt to preserve them. Arauco Olives are mainly used to produce olive oil or for eating as an appetizer, an addition to a relish tray or as an ingredient added to sandwiches, pizza, salads and other dishes.

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