Arrowroot flour

Name Variations Edit

  • arrowroot powder
  • arrowroot
  • arrowroot flour

About Arrowroot starch Edit

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Arrowroot is also the name for the easy-to-digest starch from the rhizomes (rootstock) of West Indian arrowroot. This plant should not be confused with Sagittaria species sometimes called "arrowhead" and used as a root vegetable.

Arrowroot flour is made from the fleshy rootstock of the tropical arrowroot plant. It's white, fine and powdery texture is very similar to cornstarch but it has no flavor at all. It is typically used as a thickener for puddings, sauces and other cooked foods. please contact this email if you are interested in buying the arrowroot starch :

Arrowroot starch Recipes Edit

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