1. With scissors or sharp knife, cut 1½ inches off top of each artichoke; cut off stems.
  2. Pull leaves open at top; remove center leaves and scrape out choke with spoon.
  3. In blender or food processor, combine carrot, onion, parsley, dried herbs, garlic and salt and black pepper to taste; process until finely chopped.
  4. Stuff herb mixture between leaves of artichokes.
  5. Place cooking rack, wine and ½ cup water in 4- or 6-qt pressure cooker.
  6. Place artichokes on rack; close cover securely.
  7. Place pressure regulator on vent pipe.
  8. Cook 20 minutes at 15 pounds pressure, with pressure regulator rocking slowly.
  9. Cool cooker at once.
  10. Remove artichokes and rack; keep warm.
  11. Boil liquid left in pressure cooker about 5 minutes or until reduced to ¼ cup; stir in red pepper.
  12. To serve, spoon cooking liquid over artichokes.
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