Salad Dressing Edit


  1. Place a combination of green leaves (already rinsed) in the middle of a plate.
  2. Slice the eggs in half horizontally.
  3. Discard the yolks.
  4. Place three egg halves in the middle of the plate (in a "y" position).
  5. Peel one avocado.
  6. Cut avocado into small pieces and place on the eggs.
  7. Place two slices of avocados on each side of the eggs.
  8. Cut tomatoes into small pieces and place them between the slices of avocados.
  9. Decorate the edge of the plate with radicchio chopped into very small pieces.

Salad Dressing Edit

  1. Mix and whip all the ingredients together.
  2. Add dressing to taste.
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