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I cook ribs via different sources (grill, stovetop, smoker, crockpot and oven) and really wanted ribs one night and didn't want to wait. So I thought new WP pressure cooker, let's see what happens. Of course, you can use any BBQ sauce you want, the taste will be different, but still so tender! Here's the recipe I made last night (this is in 5 qt. WP pressure cooker) and so simple :-)

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  1. Cut slab of ribs in half.
  2. Set pressure cooker function to meat and timer to 1 hour.
  3. Add olive oil.
  4. Once oil is hot, add half slab of ribs and brown, remove from pressure cooker and brown other half slab of ribs (time will start to count down as you are browning ribs).
  5. Add the already browned slab back in pressure cooker.
  6. Add both bottles of BBQ sauce (there was 47 minutes on the timer).
  7. Cover, and lock lid.
  8. I let the steam release on its own.
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