Baby kiwifruit

Name Variations Edit

  • bilberry
  • whortleberry
  • blaeberry
  • whinberry

About Baby kiwifruit Edit

Baby Kiwifruit, which are know in Latin as Actinidia Arguta, are recognized as baby or hardy kiwi. Baby kiwifruits are also known as Hardy Kiwifruit because the vines can resist quite cold temperatures. Baby kiwifruit are bite-sized kiwi but with fuzz less, soft skin, and are about the size and shape of normal grapes. Baby Kiwifruit have a combination of flavors such as the sweet flavor of banana, strawberry and papaya. Except for the small, safe to eat black seeds, the surface is squashy and creamy. Baby Kiwifruit is an important source of vitamin C and it also contains potassium, vitamin A and E, calcium, iron and folic acid, while its skin is a big source of flavonoids antioxidants. When eaten raw, baby kiwifruit may produce allergies to some people. Due to the fact that baby kiwifruit is also a big source of protein, when it is combined with milk or dairy products it adapts a sour, unlikable taste. Baby Kiwifruit can be eaten with or without its soft skin, but most people prefer eating it without skin. Baby Kiwifruit are generally used for preparing juices, cakes and it is also included in the main dishes.

Baby kiwifruit Recipes Edit

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