Salted codfish with potatoes is a favorite in Angola as it is in Portugal.


  1. Soak the dry salt Cod in water overnight. The next day, drain fish and simmer in fresh water, with bay leaves, for 20 minutes. Save the cooking water.
  2. Meanwhile, in separate pots, boil the potatoes and hard-boil the eggs. When potatoes are tender but not mushy, peel them and chop into chunks. Peel and slice the eggs, and set them aside to be used as a garnish.
  3. Using a large, heavy pot or skillet, preferably cast-iron, sauté onions and garlic in moderately hot olive oil, stirring to prevent scorching. Add pepper and oregano. Flake the Cod with a fork and mix it in gently, along with the potatoes, green pepper and parsley. Reduce heat and cook for several minutes, stirring to prevent sticking. If the mixture threatens to dry out, moisten with the codfish-cooking water. You may also add more olive oil. (At this point, if your pot is not ovenproof, transfer the mixture to one that is.)
  4. Garnish with and egg slices, and heat in a 350 °F oven until steaming hot.
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