Bacon And Liver Appetizers

3/4 Cup Chicken Livers 2 Tbls Butter, At Room temperature 2 Hard Cooked Eggs Chives to taste, Chopped 1/2 tsp Lemon Juice

        Onion to taste, Grated Fine         

1 tsp Cognac

                              8 Slices    Bacon, Halved

- Black Pepper, Ground Dash salt

Cook the chicken livers in a small amount of salted boiling water until barely done (5-8 minutes). Preheat the broiler. Rub the livers and the hard cooked eggs through a fine sieve (or use a food mill). Blend thoroughly with all the remaining ingredients except the bacon. Spread the mixture on the halved strips of bacon. Roll up the bacon strips. Fasten with toothpicks. Grill until the bacon is crisp. Serve hot.


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