Stone bakeware is made from stone fired at a very high temperature. The firing of the stone produces a nonporous surface on the bakeware, which does not need glazing. The stone bakeware absorbs the heat from the oven and distributes it evenly. It retains the heat well and keeps food warm long after it is removed from the oven. Because the stone bakeware distributes heat so evenly there is less chance of burning and overcooking the food. It does take a little longer to initial heat up so if you are baking something that only requires a short baking time, you may have to extend the time by a couple of minutes. Most stone bakeware must be seasoned before using for the first time. To season, rub or spray the surface with oil. To care for stone bakeware, do not use soap to clean. Scrap off excess food and wash with warm water.

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