Banana-Coconut Pudding


A combination of real fruit, tapioca, and coconut milk is joined with crystallized ginger and sugar, and cooked to deliver a fresh, juicy flavor.



  1. In a small bowl, soften the tapioca in warm water to cover for 1 hour.
  2. While tapioca is soaking, in a small saucepan, cook coconut milk, ginger and sugar over moderate heat, stirring, until sugar is dissolved.
  3. Remove the pan from heat and let mixture stand 10 minutes. Drain tapioca.
  4. Peel bananas and quarter lengthwise. Cut quarters into ½-inch pieces.
  5. Heat coconut milk mixture over low heat and gently stir in tapioca and bananas.
  6. Cook the pudding, stirring to be careful not to break up bananas, until thickened slightly and bananas are heated through, about 5 minutes, and cool.
  7. Divide the pudding among six ramekins and chill, covered, until cold. Garnish puddings with crystallized ginger.


How to Make the Banana-Coconut Pudding

How to Make the Banana-Coconut Pudding

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