Banana-Nut Torte

1 C graham cracker crumbs

� C shredded coconut

� C chopped pecans

4 egg whites

1 C sugar

� t salt

1 t vanilla

1 banana, sliced

Whipped cream

Slivered almonds

Maraschino cherries

Combine crumbs, coconut and pecans. Beat egg whites until soft peaks form. Add sugar gradually; beat until stiff peaks form. Add salt and vanilla. Fold in crumb mixture. Spread into greased and floured 9-inch cake pan. Bake for 30 minutes in 350� oven. Cool. Cover with banana slices. Frost with whipped cream; sprinkle with almonds and cherries.

Cookbook: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of American Cooking

Typed By: Susan Godfrey

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