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The genus Sphyraena, the barracudas, is part of Sphyraenidae family and incudes twenty six species. Barracudas dimensions may vary from six feet to eight feet and the largest species can reach one hundred pounds. Due to the fact that the barracudas are characterized by having powerful jaws they are considered to be avid predators and they hunt their prey by attacking them from hidden ambushes. Barracudas travel or attack both single or in schools. Barracudas have the lower jaw larger than the upper jaw and the fang-like teeth help them to feed on bigger fishes. Barracudas species have similar features except the weight and the length. Barracudas have a big head and the flesh is covered with small scales. The two dorsal fins are separated and the second dorsal fin lies above the anal fin. The lateral line extends directly from head to tail. The dorsal fin is positioned on top of the pelvic. The pectoral fins are located low down on the sides. Barracudas generally have a green or grey color on top and a white color below, while the fins are yellowish or dusky. Barracudas, mostly the large species are considered to be more dangerous than the sharks.

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