About Barramundi Edit

Barramundi, scientifically known as Lates Calcarifer, is a part of Centropomidae family and it is usually found in rivers and creeks. Barramundi lives in habitats with a temperature above twenty Celsius degrees. The specie is widely found in tropical and semitropical areas of the Indo-Pacific, as well as in southern china and Australia. The normal dimensions of barramundi are sixty kilograms and 1, 8 meters. Barramundi feed on smaller fish, crustaceans and aquatic insects. A very interesting about barramundi is that when they are born as males and at the age of five they change their gender becoming females. Barramundi have a pale grey-green color with black spots while the flesh is white, delicate and low on bones. The fish is raised in Australia both for stocking freshwater reservoirs for recreational fishes or for cooking, due to the fact that it is low on bones it can be cooked in various ways. Barramundi is very similar to Waigeo Seaperch except it has its maxilla extends back past the eye. Female and males don’t live together and when they reproduce males travel downriver to meet females.

Barramundi Recipes Edit

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