Bay Leaves

Bay Leaves

Name Variations Edit

  • bay laurel leaf
  • laurel leaf
  • sweet bay laurel leaf

About Bay leaf Edit

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Bay leaf (plural bay leaves) are the aromatic leaves of several species of the Laurel family (Lauraceae). Bay leaves are used in cooking for their distinctive flavor and fragrance, and may be used fresh or dried.

In Greco-Roman times, bay leaves symbolized bravery, wisdom and victory. Its flavor reduces pain, heals internal injuries, cures skin problems and kills pests. Use in a wide variety of dishes. Aromatic leaves from the evergreen bay laurel tree used for seasoning. The tree is native to Mediterranean regions and the leaves that are harvested are usually dried before being sold. The leaves provide rich flavoring to many meat dishes, soups, and stews with only one or two necessary for many recipes. The bay leaves are usually removed before the dish is served.

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