Bears head mushroom

Bear's head mushroom

Name Variations Edit

  • satyr's beard mushroom
  • bearded tooth mushroom

About Bear's head mushroom Edit

The bear’s head mushroom is among the wildest and most exotic edible fungi in the world. This specie is harder to find, due to the isolation areas where it grows. Basically, this fungus is found on toothed clumps, hardwoods and stumps. The mushroom is more complexly called bear’s head tooth or, in a scientific way, hericium coralloides, which is found in the complex family of fungi. The bear’s head tooth mushroom is whitish and it ranges in size from 6 to 12 inches. The closely related specie, bear’s tooth has a unique appearance: it presents a sort of spines or teeth, similar to bear teeth. Both species are available in their natural space from late summer to late fall.

This specie of fungus is very wild and the taste and the smell show this wildness best: the flesh and the odor of the bear’s head mushroom is fresh, earthy and natural. The mushroom can be included in various meals, after boiling or cooking it, as it can not be consumed fresh.

Bear's head mushroom Recipes Edit

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