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In Romanian: Salata de boeuf.




  1. You get the best beef salad by boiling the vegetables with the meat (soup).
  2. Cube the potatoes and all other vegetables.
  3. The same goes for the meat and pickles.
  4. Place all in a bowl, add the peas, salt and let rest until you prepare the mayo.
  5. Sieve a hard boiled egg.
  6. Place it in a bowl.
  7. Add a little oil, mix with a spoon, add a raw yolk and add oil, a little at a time, stirring continuously in the same direction.
  8. When it starts to thicken, add another raw yolk and again oil a little at a time.
  9. Do this until all yolks and all oil is used up.
  10. Then add mustard, a little at a time and stirring continuously and the lemon juice, again stirring continuously.
  11. Add ¾ of the mayo to the meat and vegetable mixture and mix well.
  12. Add salt if needed.
  13. Arrange on a serving platter.
  14. Smooth with a knife and then cover with the rest of the mayo.
  15. Garnish with a few, hard boiled egg white, or egg slices, pickled red peppers, parsley, etc.
  16. Try to shape flowers, other designs.