London broil

London broil

The beef clod or shoulder is one of the cheapest cut of a beef and it is taken from the chunk that is why it is sometimes it is called chunk shoulder clod. Beef clod consists of large muscle system and some fat which covers the muscle system.

Beef clod can be prepared in a variety of methods both dry and moist methods, but the most recommended method to cook beef clod is to cook it with moist heat or braising. Because it is quite rough the cut is tenderer and offers better menu variety for pot roasts, soups and shredded fillings, when it is braised.

Chunk shoulder clod is recommended for preparing London broil, Mexican or shredded beef, soups, steaks, stews, sandwiches, hash. Minced beef cloud is usually used in the Italian cuisine as well as in the international cuisine for preparing pasta sauce.

A medium portion of braised beef clod contains sixty-one calories, twenty-nine milligrams of cholesterol, proteins, iron and zinc. Another delicious method of preparing beef clod is to smoke it first then grill it.

Beef clod Recipes Edit

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