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Flank steak is long, thin and fibrous. This boneless cut of beef comes from the animal's lower hindquarters. It's usually tenderized by marinating, then broiled or grilled whole. In the case of London broil, the flank steak is cut and cooked in large pieces, then thinly sliced across the grain.

Thin flank Edit

Thin flank is called this way because it’s a thinner cut than thick flank; the name is practically determinate by which part of the animal it comes from. Thin flank is very similar to thick flank except the cut is evidently thinner. Beef thin flank is suitable for grilling and baking. A diverse way of preparing thin flank is mincing it. Generally thin flank is cooked through dry cooking methods. Grilling thin flank can be done either by char- grilling or barbequing. Before grilling the meat must be basted with butter, oil or a marinated mixture in order to keep it juicy. Another popular method of preparing thin flank is baking it. The meat is cooked in an oven and the flack practically boils in its own juice. Minced thin flank is used for preparing hamburgers. It is recommended thin flank to prepare the meat hamburgers because it contains a quantity of fat. The thin flank is suitable for marinating and outdoor grill over aromatic woods which give the meat a better taste. Marinades can infiltrate into thin flank steak methodically without the meat losing its firm texture.

Thick flank Edit

The flank steak is a steak which contains entirely muscle. Although most other steaks are cut across the muscle fibers, the flank steak fibers run the full length of the steak. Beef flack is divided in two cuts thick flank and thin flack. Thick flank is found on the bottom side of the beef near the topside and silverside. Thick flank is suitable for roasting, braising and frying. Beef thick flank is used for preparing steaks because it is low on fats. Generally, thick flank is cooked at a low temperature and for a short period of time. There are numerous recipes including beef thick steak such as thick flank steak with balsamic vinegar marinade made by introducing a mixture made of red pepper, black pepper, garlic, mustard and vinegar. After the mixture has been placed in the flack, the steak has to be introduced in a plastic bag. The bag containing the flack it is afterwards put in the refrigerator for about eight hours. Before cooking the flank has to be brought to the room temperature.

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