Beef neck is a cut of beef from the animal’s neck and it is cooked due to the fact that the neck’s chops are meaty and tender. To prepare beef neck first it has to boil from couple of hours until the meat surrounding the bone tenderizes and it removes easily from the bone. Beef neck is usually used for preparing soups or stews. In order to cook beef neck is important to cut it in little pieces and if the beef flavor is too profound it can be minimized by adding fresh vegetables especially lemon or tomato juice while it boils. Beef neck is very flavorful on its own that is why it doesn't need a big deal of complicated spicing or marinating to drawl the flavor. In order to marinade, beef neck should be kept in an acid-resistant container which should contain lemon juice, vinegar or wine. There are numerous ingredients such as celery, garlic, soy sauce, cayenne pepper, thyme and lemon zest, which are usually added at a beef neck dish in order to complement the taste.

Beef neck Recipes Edit

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