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My family got this recipe from my grandma's friend way back in the day. She was native to Mexico before she moved to the states and gave our family this recipe as a sign of gratitude. These are the most authentic patty tacos I've tasted and have been told so by numerous people, including natives. I'm tired of bottling up such a good recipe. Have at it!


  • 1lb. of lean ground beef for every 12 to 16 tacos you want. (The less fat the better.)
  • Yellow or white corn tortillas. (It doesn't matter.)
  • Avocado oil (It doesn't burn till it gets to 500 degrees or so. It tastes great too.)
  • Salt, pepper, and garlic powder. (Do not substitute with garlic salt. It's 90% salt 10% garlic.)


I cook from the heart and one should always be careful with ground beef products. Thin tacos are much better than thick tacos. People tend to like the cheese, pico de gallo, salsa, etc.

  1. Put about an inch of avocado oil in an electric frying pan and preheat to 300 degrees.
  2. Spread a thin layer of beef on half the tortilla, so you can fold it during frying.
  3. Each person can easily eat about 3-6 in my house. More is better.
  4. When done spreading meat on all tacos, add a thin layer of salt, pepper, and garlic powder.
  5. Take a folded taco and with some tongs fry the bottom to get it crisp.
  6. When the bottom is crisp enough, lay the taco on one side for about 2 minutes. A little more than half the taco should be covered by the oil.
  7. Repeat until pan is full of tacos.
  8. After the 2 minute mark, flip the tacos on their other side for about 2 minutes.
  9. Cook meat until it's done enough for you. Ideally the shell should be crisp and meat tender.
  10. Set finished product in a container with paper towels to let oil drip off.
  11. Fill with amenities and enjoy.


Variant for Vegetarians: We take the tortillas and fry them flat until they're crisp. Serve them with hot refried beans, black beans, and amenities on top.