Beef tenderloin

Name Variations Edit

  • backstrap
  • Châteaubriand
  • tenderloin roast
  • tenderloin steak

About beef tenderloin Edit

Beef tenderloin, or Châteaubriand, is a tasty cut of meat with one of the thickest cuts of beef, prepared by only the finest chefs, regularly by French chefs. Beef chateaubriand has the form of a cylinder and it is a cut that comes from the short loin, a random area and the tenderest part of the animal. Tenderloin roast is a succulent luxury cut and it is usually served for special dinners and celebrations. The full tenderloin is made up of two muscles, a large tenderloin muscle and a smaller. Tenderloin roast or chateaubriand it is usually cooked in an oven at a temperature of about 425° F for about thirty-five to sixty minutes, depending on its thickness. Beef chateaubriand is generally cooked by the French chefs in olive oil and it is served with a variety of sauces. The main methods of cooking beef chateaubriand are pan-broiling or roasting. Beef chateaubriand is habitually roasted intact for special occasions, but the meat can also be cooked as sliced for stir-fry or kabobs. Beef chateaubriand is generally marinated with spices such as garlic, thymes, and peppercorns at the room temperature before grilling it.

Beef tenderloin Recipes Edit

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