Bhutanese red rice

Bhutanese red rice

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A short grain variety of rice, grown in the Himalayan Mountains, which has a brown and ivory colored kernel. When cooked, the rice provides a nutty flavor that may overpower other lightly flavored ingredients.

Bhutan is a country located in the eastern Himalayas. The Bhutanese have valued their usual environment as it is seen as a resource of all life and the habitat of the gods and spirits. Their red rice is primordial natural colored bran short grain rice. Bhutan’s rice is red and very highly superior, even revered by the Bhutanese, which very little is accessible for sell to other countries. Bhutanese red rice has the same high nutritional qualities as brown rice. Red rice can be cooked as quickly as white rice, in half the time as brown. Bhutanese Red Rice is perfect for pilaf, stir-fry, salad, or steamed plain to accompany meat, fish, or vegetable entrées. Bhutanese red rice is a medium-grain rice grown in the Kingdom of Bhutan in the eastern Himalayas. It is the staple rice of the Bhutanese people. Bhutanese red rice is a red japonica rice. It is semi-milled - some of the reddish bran is left on the rice. Because of this, it cooks somewhat faster than an unmilled brown rice. When it is prepared, the rice is light pink, fine and slightly sticky.

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