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Priacanthidae is a family of fish, common name bigeye, includes 18 species of marine fishes. Priacanthidae or bigeye fish are most typically colored bright red, but other coloration patterns do exist for some species. Most species reach a maximum total length of about thirty centimeters or twelve inches, although in a few species lengths of over fifty centimeters or twenty inches are known. Members of this family are native to the tropical and subtropical regions of the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans, where they tend to live near rock outcroppings or reefs, although a few are known to inhabit open waters. Some species are fished as a food fish. Bigeye fish has upper body blue-green and lower body silver with blunt head and large eyes. The most important characteristic of this fish are slightly curved pectoral fins and keel at junction of body and tail. Its v-shaped tail is very strong and helps him in swimming. Bigeye survives in the water by feeding themselves with squid and pelagic fishes such as black fin tuna and frigate mackerel but also they eat marine plants.

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