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About Bintje potato Edit

Bintje potato is a medium-sized plant, integrated in the large potato family of solanum. Bintje has various leaves, ranging from the large and rigid green mature ones to the smooth primary and secondary leaflets. Its flowers are few, small and white and the tubers are long and large, in an oval shape, with smooth pale skin, which become green when exposed to light. The tubers have a low starch content and they are sprouted late. The bintje are planted in rows, similar to regular potatoes and yams and because of their high tuber set, the rows are 40 to 45 cm for table and 20 cm for the production of the seeds.

Basically, the tubers are consumed as vegetables, and their taste is intense if they are boiled, baked and even steamed. Still, the best way for preparing the bintje tubers is by frying them, as they have a similar taste to mature potatoes. French frying the bintje is one of the most popular choices, as these tubers make great chips and snacks.

Bintje potato Recipes Edit

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