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About Black Bream Edit

Some other common terms for Black Bream are Bream and Silver Bream, belonging to the family Sparidae. This species has a length of 60 cm and it can be silver, bronze to blackish green, having a white chin and belly. They also have greenish black fins with a darker margin. They usually have a weight of 3.5 kg and a maximum age of almost 17 years. The female can produce between 300,000 and 3 million eggs during the spawning season. Black Bream can be found in Victoria, Tasmania, especially on the East Coast of Tasmania. Sandworms, crabs, prawns, and pilchards can represent real baits for Black Bream, as well as lures and flies. The flesh of this species is white, firm and lightly flavoured. Their food consists of plant and animal species, such as oysters, worms, crabs, small fish and shrimps. They have very sharp spines that can produce serious wounds.

The black bream is a dark gray sea fish with tough scales that need to be removed before cooking; relatively inexpensive, it is delicious either as fillets, stuffed or baked.

Sea bream Recipes Edit

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