[[Image:|thumb|300px|right|Blewit mushrooms]]

Name Variations Edit

  • blewitt mushrooms
  • blue-leg mushrooms
  • blue foot mushrooms
  • bluette mushrooms

About Blewit mushrooms Edit

The blewit mushrooms are a specie characterized by a blue or purple care, in a middle size. The blewit word actually means blue hat, which describes the fungus’ appearance. When they are mature, the capes of the blewit mushrooms present a grey color and a curvy flesh. The blue or purple color maintains when these fungi are cooked, which is an unusual ability, but which helps in creating very aesthetic dishes: entrees, soufflés, salads or simple snacks. Another important characteristic of these mushrooms is the fact that they have a very particular and fresh smell, which previews the rich flavor of their flesh. This type of mushrooms grows both in open areas and under the trees, like oaks, acacias or eucalyptuses.

Due to its taste, color and smell, the blewit mushrooms are used in various recipes, belonging to different cuisines from many parts of the world. Among these, there are the sautéed blewits, the blewit mushrooms with sour cream, pickled and marinated caps and soufflé with lengthwise sliced blewits and zucchini.

Blewit mushroom Recipes Edit

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