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This is a great recipe to serve on Halloween!

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  1. Remove core, stem and seed from pepper. Cut pepper lengthwise into 1-inch wide strips, then cut crosswise into ½-inch pieces—they’ll be the fingernails. Round corners on one end of pepper.
  2. Cut mozzarella sticks in half, crosswise – they’ll be the fingers. Round corners on one end of sticks and also cut out a ½-inch square notch—you’ll put the pepper fingernails here.
  3. Place pizza crusts on baking sheet. Spread pizza sauce over each crust.
  4. Place 3 cheese fingers on each crust and fit a red pepper fingernail onto each cheese finger.
  5. Bake for 8 minutes or until cheese just begins to melt (don’t let the cheese fingers melt completely). Serve to kids who want a bloody treat.
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