We've all heard of the classic Murican chocolate milk, plain old milk, and of course, strawberry milk which has painted a smile on our faces as kids. But this delicacy is heard by too few...

Though not exactly common, blueberry milk is a glistening aqua beauty in a glass! One sip will have you on

B blueberry milk

cloud 9!

The Secrets of Blueberry Milk... Edit

  • Blueberry milk is a staple of little girls and boys enjoying a good book on a cold winter night in Long Island and Dublin. Legend has it that one sip of blueberry milk will summon the moon in the sky to be at its fullest and glow brightly!
  • Like all fruit milks, blueberry milk is first milk, sugar, vanilla and raw/cooked blueberries blended together in a blender and then the blueberry pulp is strained out so you don't end up with a mouthful of crushed berries... that wouldn't be too pleasant!

The Legendary Glistening Recipe Edit

For some good old aqua magic in a glass, all you will need are the following ingredients. Adjust the measurements to the amount you will make and the way ya' like it!

  1. Milk/Almond Milk (I always use almond milk)
  2. Delicious blueberries (raw or cooked. Cooked has a sweeter and smoother taste than raw!)
  3. Sugar, preferably cane. Brown sugar adds a rich depth to your blueberry milk.
  4. A pinch of vanilla. Mellows out the 'berry-ness' a lil'.
  5. Mix all ingredients in a blender.
  6. Get out a bowl and strainer; you're straining that milk out!
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