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Bock is a strong pale lager from Munich in Germany. The name is a corruption of the medieval German brewing town of Einbeck. The beer is usually darkened by high-coloured malts. Bock is traditionally brewed in the winter time for drinking during the Spring.

Bocks have a long history of being brewed and drunk by Catholic monks in Germany. During the Spring religious season of Lent, monks were required to fast. Bock beers are higher in food energy and nutrients than other beers, thus providing sustenance during the holiday.

Variants include Maibock (brewed for the month of May), Eisbock (ice bock), Weizenbock (wheat bock), and Doppelbock (double bock). The names of Doppelbock brews commonly end in -ator in honor of the original, Paulaner Salvator (Latin, "Savior"), pictured right.

Many bock beer producers have displayed goats on bottle labels since Bock in German means billy goat. In the local dialect, Einbeck is pronounced similar to "Einbock", which sounds like ein Bock (a goat).

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