Name Variations Edit

  • batata
  • batata dulce
  • batiste
  • camote
  • Cuban sweet potato
  • tropical sweet potato
  • white sweet potato

About Boniato Edit

A white fleshed sweet potato, having a dark pink to burgundy colored skin, which is drier and not as sweet as a regular sweet potato. They have a mild delicate flavor and a fluffy texture when cooked. Boniato potatoes can be prepared in the same manner as other sweet potatoes. Peeled potatoes should be immediately placed into cold water in order to prevent discoloration. When boiling, they must be completely covered with water to prevent blotches from forming on the potatoes. Boniato potatoes are available throughout the year. When selecting, choose firm potatoes that do not have any soft spots and that are not too odd shaped. The boniato does not store well so they need to be used in a very short period of time after purchasing. They should be stored at room temperature for no longer than a week to avoid spoiling.

Boniato Recipes Edit

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