In supermarkets or in specialized stores one can find beef products which are already prepared to be cooked and others which need preparation like boning and trimming. There are some grocery stores and butchery shops which sell beef cuts such as ribs or legs de boned or boned. If you purchase boned ribs it is very easy to remove the bone. First of all you have to remove the backbone from very large rib roasts like thick ribs roasts. The best instrument used for boning the rib is a sharp knife or a meat saw perfect for removing the backbone. The boneless rib roast may be afterwards turn round and tied before it is roasted. A rib roast with the rib bones intact is called a standing rib roast because the roast stands on the rib side of the meat as it roasts. Standing rib roasted is more commonly used than boneless rib roast. . A beef shoulder or clod that has been de boned is often cut in half to separate the sirloin and shank ends of the shoulder. The halves can be rolled and attached and sold as dense roasts.

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