Garfish balls. This recipe is an "as much as you want" main course.



  1. Take garfish filets and measure equal amount of cooked mashed potatoes.
  2. Grind filets and tasso together.
  3. Coarse grind meat grinder is best.
  4. If you use food processor, be careful not to over grind.
  5. Tasso amount should be ½ oz per pound of fish.
  6. Increase will add more smoke flavor and seasoning, so adjust to your taste.
  7. Add minimal amount of Cajun experience seasoning mix.
  8. Tasso adds a lot of salt and cayenne.
  9. Mix in to potatoes, add veggies and shape into balls.
  10. Roll in cornmeal.
  11. Deep fry in lard for real Cajun taste, or peanut oil for les Americains, delicate children, Yankees, etc.
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