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Boysenberry is a type of berry created by Rudolph Boysen who named it after his first name. Boysen has created his berry after blackberry, red raspberry and loganberry characteristics. The boysenberry fruit is shaped like a big raspberry, has a red to purple color and a rich, sweet taste. Boysenberries are generally firm and uniform in size. In botanical language boysenberries are aggregate fruits of many drupelets around a central core. Similar to red raspberry, the drupelets are removed from the core when they are picked. Boysenberries are rich in minerals, tannins, ascorbic acid and flavonoids and are used as a special ingredient in preparing astringent and exfoliant cosmetic products. It is also considered a great antioxidant. Boysenberries are used for their natural benefits and are used in cosmetic and medicinal industry. Except the use in the mentioned industries, boysenberries can also be used for making jellies, jams, pies, juices or they can be consumed raw. There are numerous alcoholic beverages made of boysenberries which are considered healthy if they are consumed in a moderate proportion.

Hybrids of the raspberry and blackberry, are sweet, large, reddish black berries, which are in season during the late summer. Select unbruised, slightly soft berries with a deep color and an inviting fragrance. Store unwashed and loosely covered in a single layer on a tray or platter lined with paper towels in the refrigerator for a few days.

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