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Boza is a beverage made of fermented millet.

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Boza is the favorite drink of particularly cold winter nights, and is sold by the boza sellers as they walk around the streets. Boza sellers who frighten the children with their deep voices are traditional characters of old Istanbul. Clean the stalks and stones from the bulgur, wash several times and cook in plenty of water until it becomes a mush. Remove from heat, cover with a piece of cloth to keep warm and let it stand overnight. Strain the mush which is almost solidified through the strainer. In another bowl dissolve the bread yeast in warm water, strain and add to the bulgur. Add the Sugar and put in a glass jar or glazed pan, close to lid tightly. Once in a while stir with a scoop. After 3-4 days a not too sour boza will be obtained. Put the boza in glasses, sprinkle cinnamon over and serve along with roasted yellow chick Peas (leblebi).

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