Steamed pork ribs

Pork ribs                              5kg                               

[ Oyster sauce]                     350ml

                                Seasoning sauce               175ml

                                Light soy sauce                  150ml                               

[ Sesame oil]                           75ml

Chinese cooking wine     75ml

                                Ground chili                        25g

                                Sugar                                     200g                      

                                Chopped garlic                  50g                               

[ Coriander root]                   30g

                                Soup                                      2 litres

Cooking Method

Slice the pork ribs into pieces. Put the pork ribs and all the ingredients in the pressure cooker for 1 hour, after which the steamed pork ribs and steamed noodle soup are ready.



Red chili                                200g                               

[ Coriander root]                20g                               

Garlic                                     50g                               

Vinegar                                150ml

                                Sugar                                     50g                               

Salt                                      10g

Cooking Method

Mix ingredients in the blender.

For 1 serving

Pork ribs                               450g

                                Steamed noodle soup    350ml                               

Carrot                                   50g                               

Broccoli                                50g

                                Sauce                                    30ml

Serving Method

Serve steamed pork ribs with sliced boiled carrot and broccoli in a dish, and serve the sauce in a small side bowl.


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