Breakfast Clafoutis



Preheat The Oven to 425. Wash And Prepare The Fruit.cherries Should be Stemmed And, if Desired, Pitted.Plums or peaches Should be Pitted And Cut Into

Bite-Sized Pieces; Commercial cranberries Should BeCut in Half; Small Wild cranberries, blueberries, OrRaspberries Need Only be Picked Over to Remove StemPieces And Debris.

Make lemon sugar by Mixing The lemon Zest With The 2Tablespoons sugar in a Small Dish. in a Large Bowl,Sift Together The flour And salt. in a Small Bowl,Beat The eggs Gently And Whisk in The milk. Add TheWet to The Dry Ingredients a Little at a Time,

Whisking Smooth. Stir in The lemon sugar. Let TheBatter Rest While The Fruit is Being Cooked.

In a 10-Inch Nonstick Skillet, Melt The butter OverMedium Heat, Coating The Bottom And The Sides HalfwayTo The Rim. When The butter is Bubbling, Add The

Fruit. Stir Until Each Piece Has Softened And IsCoated With butter, About 2-3 Minutes. Then SprinkleIn sugar to Sweeten. we Use About 2 t of GranulatedSugar For All Fruit Except cranberries (which RequireAbout Twice as Much) And peaches (where we Prefer

brown sugar). When This sugar Has Dissolved And TurnedInto a Syrup—About 2 Minutes—Stir up The Batter AndScrape it Carefully Into The Pan Over The Fruit. PutThe Skillet Into The Oven to Bake For About 20

Minutes. at This Point The Clafoutis Will be Set,Golden Brown, And Puffed up at The Edges. Divide IntoWarmed Bowls, Sift a Little Confectioners' sugar OverEach, And Top if You Like With a Spoonful of Sour



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