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Bream is actually an umbrella term that is used for a number of different species of fish living in fresh or seawater. Most of these species are drawn from the genera Abramis (carp bream), Acanthopagrus, Argyropos, Lethrinus, Scolopsis etc. All the species of these genera are known under the generic name of “Bream”, but that doesn’t mean that all these species are related through family or other higher taxa. However, there are some similarities between the fish that are called “bream” such as the fact that they tend to be narrow and deep bodied species. The most popular bream fish is Abramis, which belongs to the Cyprinidae family and it is also known as the carp bream. This type of bream is original from the Palearctic exozone and it spread throughout northern Europe up to the Caspian Sea. The Bream is an omnivorous fish usually feeding on plant matter, invertebrates and other smaller fish species.

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